This is what we are!

Formed by a group of nature conservation and social activists who dare to challenge the existing environmental violations that could be surely hazardous for the future life in this heaven, Friends of Nature evolves as an independent, not-for-profit organization, registered as a public charitable society under the Indian Societies Registration Act in 2007. The Society is a member of the NGO Partnership System under Govt. of India. Friends of Nature is also approved by the Finance Ministry, Govt. of India under section 12 A & 80 G of Income Tax Act.

We encourage any effort to uplift the standard of living of not only humans, but also plants and animals too, by means of gathered protests/ combined initiatives/ consistent gatherings/ free-hand interactions on environmental issues and so on. In order to put forward productive improvements regarding the protection of nature and wildlife, We are engaged in tiresome efforts to maintain an efficient research team, who keep on digging up ideas to do the same via continuous journeys, discussions, public writings etc.

To invite more and more nature conservators to our Friends of Nature family, we conduct forest camps packed with trekking, observation of important Environment-Nature-Wild Life related days, conservation awareness aimed photography exhibitions, timely interactive sessions headed by versatile resource persons etc.

Our Vision

To fulfill the dream of a green world, where humans, plants and animals share the fruits and peace of existence in this heavenly world. And also to spread the awareness that the life in the whole world holds in equilibrium only when the love and support among living and non-living organisms become mutual. This converges into the idea of the divine friendship between human beings along with humans and nature also, ensuring complete harmony.

Our Mission

Feel and volunteer the responsibility to become a trustee of the legacy to the future generation. To practice the art of individual volunteering, which can eventually lead to the formation of an active group, filled with team spirit. This family is expected to move forward as a mini-society that is whole-heartedly ready to serve nature, with a sense of self-respect and mutual love.