Your donations will help us to maintain our annual budget including projects & programme costs, Fellowships & Scholarship amounts, Information & Documentation charges, Administration & Execution charges, Salary & allowances, communication & Networking Development, Policy making & Lobbying charges, legal & Judicial costs etc.

The donations to Friends of Nature are exempt from income tax under section 12 A& 80 G of the income tax act 1961. Approval No. 12 A : Tech- 27/12A/19/CIT/CLT/2009-2010 80 G : Tech- 31/80G/12/CIT/CLT/2010-2011

Kindly send your donations / grants to :

Account Name : Friends of Nature Charitable Society
Bank Account No : 30715069479
Bank : State Bank of India
Branch : Kondotty
IFSC : SBIN0010700

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