Pledge With Nature

Dear Nature Lovers,

Covid-19, a pandemic that led the whole world into stagnation, is gripping tight with a second wave after a short while. The only way left before mankind to survive is to move forward with the Covid struggles. In these hardest times, we do understand that the activities of Friends of Nature also need to advance through the novel routines. And so, we are on a sustainable effort to design our action plans accordingly.

Amidst this darkest time, it is indeed a positive realization that FoN’s nature-blended journey is meeting the flag-point of 15 years, which is never a light reason to have happiness around.

Any individual/organization that travels in search of a remarkable future can’t restrict themselves from having a thorough assessment of the past track record. Making such an analysis, it is evident that we have been able to implement different and effective plans and programmes over a period of time. Our legal fights to save and serve nature are unforgettable. We have made revolutionary steps to construct bunds for water bodies and to shape ponds inside forest areas to ensure uninterrupted availability of water for the forest beings.

We have marked our participation in the bird-animal surveys conducted by different departments and agencies as part of scientific research. Like the Kerala Green Fest, Green Student-Green Teacher Awards, and Eco-philia camps, we have given shape to imitable models. In addition, we have organized many campaigns and promotions too.

It is obvious that we have a long list of programmes that found the light of successful implementation. But Friends of Nature’s pride is always the energetic, enthusiastic youth volunteers. It was at a time where society teased these young minds, blaming that they are good-for-nothing and wasting much of their time in social media, that FoN assigned them significant responsibilities. And when they covered the responsibilities and assignments with complete dedication, they became the forerunners of time. This has been proved before Kerala during the previous miserable conditions including the floods and other natural calamities.

Even when we have such enviable achievements and a bunch of wonderful volunteers on one side, the entire mankind, on the other side, is facing some serious challenges from different walks of life which are raising even-more serious threats to the very existence of mankind. Climate change and biodiversity reduction are raising many issues from time to time.

The UN itself through its various agencies and venues have been trying to address these issues on large. Strong anxieties and warnings are rising day by day. Foreseeing a permanent solution, they have been putting forward adequate support and suggestions to the government and non-government departments of the member nations.

Friends of Nature believes that people, especially the young student community, earning an awareness about this and opting a suitable lifestyle is the only possible solution for the above situation. If we are hesitant to change, then who is going to change us and this world? Apart from strengthening the promotional strategies for this, we are planning to introduce certain models in the formal education-communication areas and informal education-training areas. So, as a token of love in the context of our 15th anniversary celebration, we are gifting the God’s own country, an informational YouTube channel and training centre. We will be arranging discussions on the same soon. For a healthy kick-start and smooth functioning of these two initiatives, it requires our combined efforts. We look forward to your valuable comments and suggestions. Also, we expect your wholehearted support.

We shall detach from the atrocious thoughts, tighten our seat belts for the journey to conserve nature and let us bleed the ‘Green’!