Welcome to
Friends of Nature

Friends of Nature family is in an endless journey. A journey for survival; a journey to find the roots of our Mother Nature; a journey to understand where we humans were mistaken; a journey to bring back our lost environmental virtues and so on… Yes, we have many dreams in our minds. Anyone of you have the space to join our green journey, a journey filled with love, care and understanding. You shall join us as a volunteer, contributor (financial and other kinds of support), official well-wishers etc. We love to have you with us. Our nature is on the path towards extinction. Let us join our hands to Serve Nature and Save Future!


To invite more and more nature conservators to our Friends of Nature family, we conduct forest camps packed with trekking, observation of important Environment-Nature-Wild Life related days, conservation awareness aimed photography exhibitions, timely interactive sessions headed by versatile resource persons etc.